Make the easiest and simplest inverter

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_An inverter is a circuit that converts dc voltage to ac voltage, The circuit uses two power transistors, two power resistors, and the transformer.

Decrease R1 and R2 value to get more power.

_The transistors determine how much power the inverter can supply, and the transformer determines the input and output voltage, also it should handle the needed power, so more power means bigger transformer, The least expensive and the easiest way to get a big transformer is to re-wind an old microwave transformer, they supply at about 1KW.

_You can choose any high power transistor, according to your needed current for exemple 2N3055  2SC5200  2N3773 MJ2955 2sd1047 2SC2922 2SA1943... 
_A good 12v battery should be used to supply the wanted power, Remember, when operating at high powers, the circuit draws big amounts of current. so be careful not to let your battery go dead!!!

This image shows some of the caracteristics of the circuit:
Decrease R1 and R2 value to get more power.

This video from youtube shows how to build this circuit in easy steps:




Anita Mahapatra said...

Dear Sir,
Can you pls explain the steps for MatLab simulation of the above circuit and the circuit elements chosen are from which simulink library?

Humayra Jui said...

this circuit is not working

Trent Palmer said...

the topic "Make the easiest and simplest inverter" is good but i will be really greatful to you if you explain how it work.Thanks

suki lee said...

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Albert Hou said...

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Sreenath Ravi said...

can you explain how this works

Albert Hou said...

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Jodie O'Donnell said...

can a two pole transformer do the same job

thomas wyeth said...

circuit works but not as planned, wired as you have described and i'm getting 570 volts not 230 and near no amps or watts, cant even power a 40w light, im using a 230v to 12v-0v-12v transformer as suggested, ??????

malik aayan said...

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